Here are 5 reasons why your SEO rankings dropped in 2019

2016 has seen significant shifts in the world of SEO that have affected millions of online businesses which wholly depend on rankings for survival. With each new change comes a whole new ranking system that demands your attention. Below are some of the biggest changes to SEO in 2016:

  • Mobile-friendly browsing

Mobile phones have proved to be the most preferred tool of choice for most internet visitors in the recent times. Google took this into consideration and included mobile-friendly browsing tools. Therefore, if you need to get ahead in your SEO rankings, then you have to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Google is not the only popular search engine

It is true that Google was once the most popular search engine, and as a result, it was the default browser for most internet users. However, the most recent months have shown that Google is sharing its popularity with other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. This means that you should make your website readily available from other search engines too.

  • What next after the clicks?

There was a time when SEO only focused on the number of clicks on a website. This led to the emergence of misleading click-bait links. However, these days, SEO follows up on what is provided after the clicks. Is the information useful enough to the user? Therefore, it is advisable that you keep off misleading links just for the sake of getting clicks on your website.

  • It’s about more than just keywords

Keyword-based searches used to rely on exact phrases to gain a higher ranking in SEO. However, these days, it’s all about the relevance of the information provided by your website. How helpful or resourceful is your site regarding a particular subject or field? Keywords are still important for SEO, but you have to use them naturally within the content so as to provide relevant information.

  • Be active on social media

Having a strong social media presence largely increases your visibility to your clients. On top of that, it helps search engines easily find you, and this will largely improve your rankings in SEO. However, this does not mean that you just create a Facebook page and forget about it. The more active you are on social media, the higher your ranking in SEO

2019 has seen a myriad of changes besides the ones stated above. It is importunate to state that SEO is not just about having an online presence on social media and a mobile-friendly website. For more detailed information on SEO, please visit Evolution SEO and Marketing.

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