What is SEO

Search engine optimization has long been the buzzword for online businesses that want high visibility in web searches. Search engine optimization is a marking methodology that aims to increase the number of visitors to a website through rankings and placement in online search results such as Bing, Yahoo or Google. This is done using a number of strategies, from the use of specific keywords to shaping a website according to the specific algorithms of the search engine. This includes making sure that the site is easily navigable and creating websites with pages that load fast. SEO is an important marketing tool because it is designed to deliver targeted traffic, or a stream of real, human visitors who are likely to be looking for what your site offers. Targeted traffic provides exposure and publicity which makes your site and products available to more potential customers.

SEO Components

SEO is is not limited to content. It encompasses almost every aspect of a website, from page loading times, ease of access, navigation, keyword research, placement and content optimization and organization. Promotion is also another important aspect of SEO which makes use of social networks as avenues for promotion and marketing. SEO content includes product pages, blog posts, articles, lists, guides, videos and audio, eBooks and downloadables, as well as social media posts like Facebook status content and tweets.
Strategic placement of well-researched keywords inside your content is a vital part of good SEO. A professional website that is easily navigable, secure from malware and phishing, with links to other authoritative sites has a good chance of a favorable ranking by search engines, especially if website performance remains consistent.

How Good SEO is Done
According to experts, good SEO according should not be limited to short-term techniques aimed at conforming to current search engine algorithms. These techniques should instead focus on building a solid organic following which is more likely to weather different algorithm changes as the years progress. In order to obtain a favorable ranking, websites must avoid keyword stuffing, the use of purchased links, use of spun content, and instead enhance website performance to avoid poor user experience.

No matter how revolutionary a product is, it won’t get you the revenues you want if no one sees it. You need SEO to make the search engines take notice and you can only do this by optimizing your content and the overall structure of your website. Take advantage of the best SEO practices by employing them in your content, website, and even in your social media marketing if you want to take your business to a whole new level.

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